The Struggles of Online Decision Making…


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The use of technology has played a major factor of the decisions made by people. By saying this, these technological advances have encouraged the potential consumer to be a part of a transformation, in which organizations and businesses have obliged to impact upon their consumer’s decision makings. Buying online has expanded dramatically, but who should we be buying from and are they trust worthy?


Through the wide spread of online selling, has opened up a greater market for organisations such as eBay to compete with. However with so many competitors online, you don’t know who to trust or go to as they could be a scam or fake. But with websites such as eBay, have already gained a reputation and outstanding service, eBay has made a positive influence in seeking to satisfy their consumers and engage in communications. EBay has taken a far more strategic and effective approach that has attracted the attention of its users in comparison to its competitors such as gumtree and amazon. As the internet is seen as dangerous and ambiguous place to shop online, eBay has provided ways for people to be able to sell and buy safely and secure without the fear or risk. This can be shown through their characteristics such as:

–       Online Transactions process (EBay, 2014)
à PayPal – allowing for secure money transfers between the buyers and sellers


–       Feedback- allows for you to see the sellers/buyers ratings from consumer’s firsthand experience about the products quality and service. (EBay, 2014)


–       Communication- Allow to communicate and inquire with the buyer/seller about the product, service, distribution, and cost etc.
These factors play a major role in organisations such as eBay as this is what a user likes to see. The elimination of risk is essential in the process of the goods and services to perceive the decisions and interests of the consumer towards your product or service which is what eBay has exactly done in the online market be a trusted provider for its users.

Influences on decision making may also include experience (Algie, 2014). First hand experiences is an important factor which is seen as a major influence to which it can persuade the person thought or idea about a product or service.

Example of this is seen in the video below which can change a person’s perspective of a service such as gumtree.


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